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Inter because although we're small our DNA is international - Europeans, Americans and Africans - everything we do is multi-lingual. Inbox, because we started with email. Put them both together it states where we and the inbox is now - that crucial place on the Internet where your mobile, tablet, social media account and email meet.

We are a dynamic and competent team composed of a group of partners with many years' experience in both software development and marketing. This team is supported by an experienced group software engineers and marketing and design professionals.

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Interinbox creates email, social and mobile software applications that help businesses and organizations connect with their clients.


Our software comes in many brands, but it's focus is to help you design email newsletters, share them on social networks and track results.


Our mobile website builder makes it easy for you to get a mobile web presence. And easy to create and send SMS and mobile coupons to your clients.